• Nettle Luxe Silver Table Lamp

    Silver and cream striped metal shades and spiked nettle finials top this distinctive two arm table lamp.

  • Nettle Table Lamp

    Features a gold leaf sculpted base and metal stem with sculpted blossom element; Cylindrical cream shade topped with gilded blossom finial.

  • Noma Luxe Table Lamp

    Gold & black striped square base raised on small round silver leafed feet. Stem is embellished with sculpted palm inspire element. Gold leaf shade.

  • Peony Table Lamp

    Silver leaf ball feet support a square tapered pedestal base with black and taupe stripes. Sculpted peony blossom. Inverted black and taupe shade

  • Phoenician Table Lamp

    Silver leaf ball feet and disc support gold and black striped molded base. Gold bands accent black shade. Phoenician inspired finial.

  • Pome Table Lamp

    Sculpted element inspired by the French passion fruit. Glazed gold & silver leaf disc with glazed cylindrical shade with silver jewel like elements.

  • Pompadour Luxe Table Lamp

    Molded duck feet support a gold leaf base with acid etching with a striped shade and a pompadour inspired element atop the stem.

  • Pompadour X Table Lamp

    Gold and silver leaf stem and base with pompadour inspired element

  • Red Bell Gold Table Lamp

    The Red Bell is a beautiful buffet lamp with leaves rising and falling from the same gold leafed column. Matching parchment shade and leaf finial top.

  • Red Bell Silver Table Lamp

    Beautiful buffet lamp with leaves rising and falling from the same silver leafed column. Matching parchment shade and leaf finial top this design.

  • Retro Table Lamp

    Retro inspired with gold base and textured three dimensional ovals in ascending sizes. Textured shade and orb-like finial.

  • Out of stock

    South Beach Table Lamp

    Coming Soon

    Black striped stem supported by star shaped base etched to resemble cobblestone street. Painted black and putty stripes outline the inverted shade.

  • Tivoli Gold Table Lamp

    Teardrop shapes of cut glass reflect from gold leaf & cream striped stem; inverted gold and cream striped shade, topped with gilded ball finial.

  • Tivoli Silver Table Lamp

    Teardrop-shapes of cut glass reflect from Silver leaf and white striped stem; inverted silver & white striped shade. Topped with ball finial.

  • Trellis Table Lamp

    Looking out of my studio windows I am surrounded by trees. Bare of leaves yet beautiful with their twisted sculptural branches. This inspired my Trellis Collection. Organic, Calming with the slightest hint of fall. Spring will come turning these bare branch trellises into an explosion of green. – Paul Grüer

  • Venetian Table Lamp

    A distressed gold leaf base forms the foundation of a slithering steam topped with gold sculpted decorative elements and crystals.