• La Fleur Floor Lamp

    Curvy black and taupe metal stem/base with gold leaf bottom base and blossom design around the candle holder. This takes a 60 watt Medium base light bulb.

  • La Fleur Table Lamp

    Gold leaf sculpted blossom bursts from black and taupe striped stem from a star shaped base with matching plack and creamy taupe shade.

  • Le Cirque Table Lamp

    Sculpted gold legs support a red and tan sphere. Black and cream metal stem. Inverted beige and cream shade topped by a red sculpted finial.

  • Leda Table Lamp

    Signature Flambeau from bottom to top with duck-footed gold leaf base supports and postmodern tapered cream patina column.

  • Madison Table Lamp

    Pyramid shaped table lamp base with crackled putty finish. Spiked with crystal-like cut glass. Features a glazed and crackled putty finished shade.

  • Mardi Gras Moon Table Lamp

    Bright, bold and vibrant colors are showcased in the Mardi Gras Moon table lamp. Accented with gold and silver leaf details and embellishments.

  • Mardi Gras Star Table Lamp

    What’s to say? The Mardi Gras collection celebrates the unbridled fun, excitement and color of one of the most unique events in America – perhaps the world! Carry a bit of that excitement with you wherever you may be. – Paul Grüer

  • Marie Table Lamp

    Three descending silver spheres drop down to a gold circular base. Topped with a white fabric shade.

  • Mignon 8lt Chandelier

    Crystal teardrops accent antique gold leaf finished bobeches and star details with silver rings.

  • Mosaic 10lt Chandelier

    Strands of mosaic jewels detail this ten arm chandelier.

  • Neo Blue Table Lamp

    Le Ciel Blue cone with gold leafed anemone and lampholder with a Le Ciel blue painted card cylinder shade.

  • Neo White Table Lamp

    French white cone with gold leafed anemone and lampholder with a French white painted card cylinder shade.

  • Nettle Luxe Gold Floor Lamp

    Jagged star shaped metal base etched in gold-leaf to resemble cobblestone streets. Gold and taupe striped shades.

  • Nettle Luxe Gold Table Lamp

    Gold leaf and taupe striped shades and spiked nettle finials top this distinctive two arm table lamp.

  • Nettle Luxe Silver Floor Lamp

    Jagged star-shaped base etched in gold leaf to resemble cobblestone street. Beige and silver leaf striped shades.

  • Nettle Luxe Silver Table Lamp

    Silver and cream striped metal shades and spiked nettle finials top this distinctive two arm table lamp.

  • Nettle Table Lamp

    Features a gold leaf sculpted base and metal stem with sculpted blossom element; Cylindrical cream shade topped with gilded blossom finial.

  • Noma Luxe Table Lamp

    Gold & black striped square base raised on small round silver leafed feet. Stem is embellished with sculpted palm inspire element. Gold leaf shade.

  • Olivier Bowl

    Distinctive in form and finish, the Olivier bowl marries gold and silver leaf patina finishes in a contemporary pattern.

  • Peony Table Lamp

    Silver leaf ball feet support a square tapered pedestal base with black and taupe stripes. Sculpted peony blossom. Inverted black and taupe shade

  • Phoenician Table Lamp

    Silver leaf ball feet and disc support gold and black striped molded base. Gold bands accent black shade. Phoenician inspired finial.

  • Pome Table Lamp

    Sculpted element inspired by the French passion fruit. Glazed gold & silver leaf disc with glazed cylindrical shade with silver jewel like elements.

  • Pompadour Luxe Table Lamp

    Molded duck feet support a gold leaf base with acid etching with a striped shade and a pompadour inspired element atop the stem.

  • Pompadour X Table Lamp

    Gold and silver leaf stem and base with pompadour inspired element